Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A New Day Has Arrived

Today was the last day at the main shop...this is a good thing. After 5 years in a strip mall characterized by volumes of NASCAR fans and ridiculous rents, we've moved on. Things have been really good at the 4-Corner store the last few years and I'm excited about the prospects that lie ahead.
I got into this business 5 years ago with grand expectations of making money and doing what I love. Well, I do what I love to do so I guess it's worked out ok so far. The most exciting aspect of the new move really lies in the opportunities that are now available.
It's nice to be able to focus on fishing, fly-tying, and servicing fisher-folks again rather than entertaining husbands as their wife shops down the way. We've made some good changes with some subsatntial addtions in the fly-tying selection. We seriously have to have the best selection around now. We have everything a tyer could possibly want and are getting back to the basics with a sick selection of flies and fishing gear!
I can't wait to go to work tomorrow...now that's something I haven't said in a while.

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