Saturday, January 07, 2006


Things have been looking up as of late. The wife came back from Antarctica on Xmas eve and I actually went fishing on the day after. That nasty cold weather brok just before Chrsitmas, making conditions ideal for some winter fishing.
The Madison has been really good the last couple of weeks with winter nymphing being great. I've been getting good numbers on black Zebra Midges trailing a golden stone nymph I tie. Midge are the most active critters this time of year and a variety of nymphs imitating larvae and pupa usually do the trick. The last few years, I've been fishing Hurricane Midges and Disco Midges as the mainstay patterns. Red and Green seem to be the most consitent producers...but I have a growing fondness for the black too.
Bought the wife one of the new Zero Gravity 6 weights by Orvis for XMAS. Yeah, she will use it more than me. We took it out on New Years, but the outing was more for walking around the river than catching fish. At least that's what I told her.

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