Friday, March 24, 2006

That was Fun

Today was day one of who knows how many trips, I usually do 80-100 days guide trips a year, but this year will most likley be over 100. The weather was great, we had 6 fiah in the boat 30 minutes into the day and BAM. It sucked the rest of the day for us. The fish were hitting very suftly and quick, so it was tough to get a good stick on 'em. Plus the wind was blowing pretty hard. Fish seemed to be pretty active, but you definitley needed to be very quick on the hookset today.
My client today is a good guy and a pretty good fisherman too, he usually does alright and I don't think he was to blame today for our lack of success later in the day. The fish were going for the SJ Worm, just like they have been, but eating it very quickly, so I think he was thinking most of the bumps were bottom. He is need of some back surgery and pretty sore, so I just treid to not to let him get too frustrated and have a good time. So, in the end, we did have a good day, just not the great of a catching day.

Quick note to self, next year, put the life jackets in the car the night before along with the fishing licenese and don't forget to leave the keys in the gas tank for the shuttle driver.

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