Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The Mother's Day Caddis Hatch arrived a couple weeks early this year but just on the head of the start of runoff. I got a couple days on the Yellowstone in, but the fish weren't really on them at that time. The bugs started on the Lower Madison a day or two later and the fish got on them good the night beofre last. This hatch is so fun becuase the fish really do feed with reckless abandon. After each outing, I ask myself where the hell do those fish come from? There are literally thousands of heads coming up at times.
The best rig this year has been a Peacock Elk Hair with a Mother's Day pupa dropper about 2 feet behind the dry. The pupa doesn's seek too much, so I use some XINK or Henry's Sinket to help get it down a bit quicker. I use this stuff a bunch in the summer, especially when fishing drowned hoppers in late summer.
The weather has been cool the last few days so we could get a window of opportunity back on the Yellowstone for a day or two. This has been the case the last few years and has porvided some of the bets days of the year.
The in-laws arrive today, Rick is on the Smith, I have exams next fishng will probably be pretty limited over the next week. Damn! But, I am going to New Zealand for a month next year so I should do the right thing now and shirm responsibility then. Oh, the dilemas I face!

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