Monday, May 29, 2006

Henry's Fork Salmonflies

The past weekend took me down to Island Park with the wife, kid, and dogs in search of good times and a few fish. The weather was junk, cold, rainy, snowy, etc. Not ideal conditions for the wife, kid, and dogs. The bugs have been going there for a little over a week and were up to Robinson Campground, but the cold weather will slow them down for a few days. Saturday saw aomw nice fishing on dries for the wife, but we didn't hang out too long on the river as it was rainy and cold.
We stayed at Elk Creek Ranch in between Island Park and Last Chance. They have a half dozen or so old log cabins that overlook a small spring-fed pond. The place is great, we stay there very year once or twice. So, we enjoyed haniging out and staying out of the rain more so than the fishing. I would have liked to have a day to fish pretty hard as the fish were eating the dries very well, but some things are more important than fish.

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