Thursday, May 18, 2006

Run Off

It's been hot and dry the last week and run off is in full gear. I say bring it on and get it over with. The lower Madison is the only fishable river in the area right now and that is a dubious distinction at best. We were on it yesterday as it came up over 1000CFS. Ever wonder how it fished when it comes up that much? I have and can tell you that it sucks. We got a few (3) fish and that was about it. On the upside though, we did see some bikini clad coeds is another drift boat and several floating down the rvier in tubes.

The Beaverhead Madness starts on Saturday, so good times are just around the corner. The opener is pure insanity with anglers of all types of temperments, skill levels, and dedication crammed into about 400 yds of river, flogging away at a bunch of post-spawn bows. Sure, they're done spawning...mostly anyway, and the browns aren't spwaning anyway. Let's just call it what it is and be ok with ourselves. It's a spanking of some good trout before they figure it out and decide that they will only eat a size 24 midge the rest of the summer.

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