Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year is Almost Here

Resolutions abound! Too many are needed!

I had a trip last week to Depuy's and was pleasantly surprised by the weather and the angler. Fishing was tougher than it had been a week prior, but we still managed to find some fish. The activity around the redds has substantially reduced, but there are still lots of fish up around Betty's Riffle. For whatever reason, the middle section of the creek seemed void of all fish life! Only spotted one smallis brown and the angler got no bites! So, we headed to the lower section and got some fish to eat some small pheasant tails and scuds. I saw a surprisingly good number of BWO's on the water (it was really sunny out) but only the occasional rise.
We made a stop at the pond on our way out and got half a dozen fish in quick order to eat a small bugger as the sun disappered. All in all, a great day out for both the client and myself. I'm looking froward to things picking up again in the spring.

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