Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Thing

Every year, once it gets nice, anglers head to the Madison in droves to put the whumping on some well rested fish. By well rested I really mean that they haven't been whumped on in awhile. Whumped refers to whacking fish in the faxe with various colors and shapes of rabbit tied on a hook with or without an oversized gaped hook to accommodate a way too heavy cone. That's my pessimistic side coming out again. Actually, it seems to be much tamer tahn I've described, BUT the droves are definitley there.
A couple friends and I went out yesterday in search of a nice Sunday outing. The day started off with plans to go on a pig hunt on the lower Yellowstone. That worked great until we called the shuttle guy and he informed us that SOCAL was sunny and warm on Sunday and he had no idea what the ice looked like around Reedpoint. So, that coupled with the extreme pregnanacy factor of my wife put us closer to home on the Murdison.
The day just wasn't going well..but we did have some killer breakfast snadwiches from Cafe Zydeco... and then Jared's Landcruiser decided that it didn't need oil about a mile from the river. So, we hooked the boat to the burbon and made haste to Warm Springs.
The wind may or may not have been blowing, but it sure did seem a bit gusty. I really can't complaign about the wind as it is my friend. But if I could categorize the conditions as the whitecaps on the river sort of way.
The fish were eating Zonkers and San Jauns just fine, but we were having a bit harder time sticking it to 'em than usual. We each ended up with some fish in our 3 hour float. I got home to the wife in a reasonable time, Jared got his cruiser back to town before dark and Dane got his coffee cup back. All in all, not a bad day, I've certainly had worse.
Look for some risers over there though as soon as we get a non-windy and overcast day. The midges have been around long enough now so that some of the bigger fish shoudl be hunting them down in the weedbeds.

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