Sunday, May 06, 2007

Greening Up

The last 4-5 nights have been cold and the days have been mild. So, we're starting to see some clearing in teh area rivers. The Yellowstone, Upper Madison, and Gallatin are all fishable today and I'd expect that to be the case through Wednesday. I've been staying on the Lower Madison and it's been more good than bad the last few days. It seems like the fish have settled into some lies and are feeding well with 60 degree water.
I love this time of year out there as the fish really start to pile into the buckets below riffles. If you can read the water, you can really find some good fish numbers. Reading the water out there is pretty difficult, or it just takes some time on the water to figure it out. Look for changes in current speed and the wave structure.

Crayfish and worms have been working well still, but we're also getting some fish on small baetis nymphs. My trip on Friday was a great time with a good angler. He's active with the One Fly in Jackson - event that raises a ton of money for fish and their habitat.
I'm going to try to get out on the Yellowstone tomorrow, but baby commitments may say otherwise. I will get out to the Madison this evening though.

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