Friday, May 18, 2007


Things really started to blow out around here last Sunday, so Chis, Lance, and I made plans to hit the MO on Wednesday for my last hurrah before I head to Ohio fro some family time. The fishing was really good...not amazing...but very good. We got fish to eat a bunch of different nymphs ranging form Hare's Ears to Worms. Caddis were out an about in good numbers, along with some March Browns and Baetis. Fish were rising in the back eddies, but we really didn't mess with them much as the nymphing was working just fine.

I've been fishing wih these two clowns quaite a bit this year, we started out in New Zealand and have fished together several times since then. We're each very different, but we get along great when it comes to fishing. There are very few things in life that I enjoy more than floating down a big western river with two great friends. We even usually get some fish. Lance got a great Brown the other day, we thought it would go 6 pounds when we firsty saw it! It turned out to be 20-21 inches and closer to 4 pounds than 3.

I head to Toledo tomorrow with Matthew and Christine. 3 days on the road with a one month old! We're going to Rushmore tomorrow and Wall Drug the next! It should be interesting.
Of course, everything has started to come back around to fishable around here. Well, teh Madison anyway. The upper opens tomorrow above Macatee and has 3 feet of vis. This is the first opening day on the Beaverhead that I've missed in 7 or 8 years. Salmonflies shoudl be going around here when I get home though!

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