Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Season is Upon Us

The last week and a half has been absolutley crazy. We got the store done over the week and it looks great. Everyone worked hard to bring it all together and the end result is something that we're all real proud of. So, the store is now twice the size and we have lots of room to grow and just plain mover around!

The guys and I fished the MZ Ranch last Tuesday. We closed the shop for a day and fished the spring creeks, drank some beer, and had a friendly little competition. Chris one the tourment of champions with a 22 inch Brown. The creeks fished really well for us with nymphs and dries and everyone except Collin got a fish over 18.

I guided on the Lower yesterday and had a great day on PMD nymphs. They seemed to be into smaller flies and were really all over the p[lace. We got fish in deep stuff, skinny stuff, weedbeds...The fish are very hot right now and are eating really well. The Yellowstone cleared up today, so that shoudl take some of the crowds away. I've got a trip tomorrow and am planning on headin to teh Lower again. Things start to get busy this week, so it'll be great to have so much to fish this time in the year. We should start seeing salmonflies on the upper anyday now.

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