Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

The Upper Madison continues to be the hot spot. Tactics are changing day to day, but the fish have been eating really well. We had a big trip today with 7 boats of mostly novice anglers...ok they were all really beginners. Everyone got some fish and had a great time. It's amazing to me how many boats can be on the wayer still catching fish. I was the last boat on the stretch today and I'm guessing there was about 35 ahead of me. We landed about 15, and lost that many as well.

There are plenty of hoppers out in all shades of color now and there are a ton of these little things that noone seems to know for sure what they are! I think I'll give the hoppers a try tomorrow as the fish should really be onthem now...just need the right conditions.

Anyway, wear sunglasses whenever you fish! One of my guys today caught a lightning bug in the corner of his eye today. Thank god it just went into the skin, but it misses his eyeball by millimeters! He had glasses on and probably would have been bad off if he didn't. I forgot mine yesterday and almost made everyone wait an hour for me to go get some new ones. I knew the anglers, but I was still nervous as hell. Action Optics Guides Choice are the ones for me as they offer wrap around protection, good size lenses and the best in photochro lenses. I like AO's amber lenses for all around trout-fishing. They are the bomb in low light conditions and on cloudy days.

Yeah it's been hot, but the last 3 days have been very nice and the fishing is on. So go to the Yellowstone and fish hard until 2. Leave the Upper Madsion alone...all the fish are dead.

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