Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some Fish

Fishing continues to be pretty solid around SW Montana. The weather has cooled enough to get the fish eating pretty good on teh Lower Madison. This is the one fishery in the area that really does warm up too much. The solution is to not fish it when the water's over 70 as the fish don't eat when it's that warm!
When the fish don't's always good to have Lance with you as he can always get something to hit! The second pic is not a fish on Lance's Line, but the battle was epic.

4 days of hard fishing with a couple of DB's earlier in the month resulted in some good times and some nice fish. Rodeno worked hard and ended up with this nice Upper Madison brownie.


Brian Rodeno said...

That Rodeno must be one hell of a fisherman. I heard he just stared the fish down and it jumped in the boat.

From one DB to another, greatest trip ever. Toby, you are the best.


PS-I have your map. I gave it to Miss South Carolina

Lonna said...

Interesting to know.