Sunday, May 11, 2008

High Water is Here

Spring weather continues to be unusual this year with some snow showers in the mountains and cool. drizzly days down here in the valleys. This is also accompanied by 3 or 4 really nice days with highs n the 70's. Caddis are out on the Yellowstone, but it is pretty much ruined, I bet we get a day or two on there this week thanks to some really cold temps in the park that should have slowed the melt down for a spell. In the meantime, the lower has been fishing better and the caddis have started out there over the last few days. So, we've still got some good stuff to come. Next Saturday is the general opener, so I think I'll either hit the beaverhead on opening day or explore a spring creek a came across this winter.
I just wrapped up some trips and am in getting geared up again mode. I fished the Madison, Yellowstone, and Big Horn on my last little run. The Big Horn was really good, but crowded. The fish are starting to spawn or squirting eggs out, so fly selection wasn't too hard. The biggest challenge is just to get your rig into some occupied water. The ladies and I had a great time though and got plenty of fish. We checked out some new stuff on day two and got away from the crowds. Good fishing and nobody around on the horn? That was nice.

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