Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lower Stone

Fished the lower Yellowstone today as it was clearing from rains over the weekend. It nymphed really well in the morning and then the fish got on the hoppers in the afternoon. Nothing huge but 30 + fish to the net. The water level and temperature is perfect..I can't believe it's August as the fishing is abotu as good as it gets on the Yellowstone.

My client fished my Helios 965 tip flex for the nymphs today. The rod is awesome for heavy nymphing, lots of power, extra length for mending, and it's still lightweight. Today I also learned that the Helios really are durable as hell. Pete left the nymphs hanging off the front as we slid over a gravel bar (one of my pet peaves), the flies hooked the bottom and the rod nearly doubled over under the boat and no snappage!

Looking forward to the rest of the season and the end which should be in mid October on the Big Horn. In case you're wondering, I'm doing some trips to the Horn in October that start out around 1200 per person for a 4 night/ 3 day package. Plan on around 1400-1700 for some good accommodations and food.

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