Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July 1

What a crazy couple of weeks in terms of the water conditions. Salmonflies never really happened on the Lower Madison, but are now goingon the Upper near Varney and up to Big Sky on the Gallatin. The Yellowstone is still high, but clarity is good enough, so just another week-10 days before we get on there. The lower Galltin is probably a week away as well.

Since last I posted, I've fished the lower Madison a few times, the Gallatin near Greek Creek and floated below Manhattan. Fishing on the lower has been pretty good over the last 4 days or so with dries and a hodge podge of junk flies. That's probably still my first choice. I'm looking to get on the upper on Thursday.

We've got a 10 boat trip tomorrow on the lower which should be fun for all. Big groups are always great because everyone is just out to have a great time.

The lower Gally is one of my favorites and it just needs to come down about 30% and it should be off the hook good. Ben and I fished it yesterday and found the bite to be tough, but I think it had more to do with the high flows than the fish.

I also managed to pick a NASTY case of poison ivy over the last few days. Good stuff.

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