Saturday, June 13, 2009

Salmo Fly Time

Things are starting to catch up with normality. I floated the Lm yesterday with my family and saw a few big bugs down below Blacks Ford. Who cares though?! The fish were eating nymphs really well , the water is perfect for some cozy wet-wading and the forecast is for more warm weather! Looks good.

I floated the Bear Trap from the Powerhouse to Warm Springs on Thursday and that was a great day too. We got a lot of fish in the 14-16" range on nymphs and saw some terrific scenery. I'd never been down through the canyon before and it really was amazing. The white water in there lived up to it's hype though and I think I'll stick to fishing it with Louis before I give it a go on my own. There really is some serious big water in there!

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