Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Hatch Reels Are Worth It

Hatch reels are made in the the US, well California actually. The anodization is as good as it gets which results in less corrosion, scratches, etc. The reel foot is actually part of the housing, so the housing is all one piece which ends up making the reel stronger and less susceptible to corrosion. The drag surfaces are a high tech plastic and stainless steel. The drag mechanism is in a fully sealed spindle and works by adjusting the tension between a series of plates or discs. What this does is nets a gigantic surface area of resistance as the drag knob is adjusted. The reels are a little heavier than some of the other manufactures but they balance really well and they kind of feel like you're just holding something of substance.

The trout sizes start at $400 and they're worth it. I've been using one  for 3 years now without any problems and it is as fine a reel now as the first time I fished with it. The drag is smooth, has a sweet sound to it, and the tension adjustment range is effective with every click. IMHO the only reel I'v ever seen that would be the equivalent were the Charlestons, but the Hatch wins with the aesthetics.

The sealed drag, which is not unique to Hatch, is great in cold weather like today. There's just no way for the water to get into the drag mechanism, so it works great even when everything is frozen You might have to give the line tug to break the frost seal between housing and spool, but after that it's pretty amazing how well the drag works in all types of conditions.

Yes they are expensive, but so is a Cadillac when compared to Pontiac. They both get you to the same place but the ride in the Caddy is much more fun.

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