Friday, February 26, 2010

Inglorious Bastards

Just got back to Queenstown after a couple weeks down South. No internet no updates. The trip was great, the house was awesome with no barking dogs. The group dynamics were much better than I could've expected, despite one guys attempt to mess it up for everyone else. The fishing was not as good as usual, so it was very tough.
We had lots of variable weather for the entire trip so the fish were either spooky as hell or hunkered down. That said, everyone still caught fish most days with several up to 6.5 pounds. I only fished a few days, mostly played guide and took pictures. As the fish wee far and few between most days where I went, we didn't get a lot of love. But, I have 5 days left on my own and intend to hit it hard.
I'll head up to Twizel tomorrow for a few days and then maybe back down to Queenstown or possibly Dunedin. The weather seems to be improving as today was the nicest day we've had the whole trip.

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