Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting There

The rivers are dropping swiftly now and everything, including the Yellowstone should be fishable within a week-10 days. The Madison is in fine shape now in terms of flows and clarity, and it sounds like Salmonflies are just starting to show up around Ennis. This is one of my favorite times of year in SW Montana as everyday is one day closer to THE day.

We've still been getting some evening rain which has caused the Gallatin to get pretty dirty but that should change here pretty quickly. In the meantime, it seems like every boat and wade fisherman in the state has been between warm springs and black's ford on the Madison. Getting out early is probably the best bet on the lower right now and who the hell knows about the upper!

I fished the UM twice this week and was disappointed both times. The water was in great shape but we had a hard time getting many fish out of any place in particular. Just one or two here and there and I saw 0 sign of stonefly nymphs on the banks. The best fishing was actually with two small nymphs which is fine, but not really what we were hoping for. Now they are lowering the flows which is going to clear up the water pretty quickly and should make for some spooky fish on the banks in about an hour or two! It is what it is and I could be wrong but I bet it sucks up there all summer!

The good news is that everything should be getting really good very soon which will help spread some of the traffic out and take some of the pressure off the lm fish. 

I fished the lower today with Christine and Matty. Beautiful weather, great company, tiny fish, and a sleepy baby! It was a great day on the river.

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jeff said...

Love your blog, Toby. Keep it coming.
Jeff Stutts Manhattan.