Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lower Madness

After  a couple of days of stubborn fish, I found some happy ones on the LM once again. Still sculpins but more on the small nymph off the sculpin today. Bugs are quieting down over there now and flows are down enough now to work some of the mid-river buckets. They were all happy today which resulted in lots of fish and a steady bite all day.

The downside is that the floating grass is getting pretty nasty so there is lots of cleaning to be done if you cant get a dead drift. The grass isn't so bad unless you're flies are dragging through the water column. A lot or people write the lower off in the summer because of warm water and tubers. The water has been warm over there for a long time and there are still lots of fish in there, so something has to said for natural selection in that trout population. If you get out early, no tubers and water temps are fine through mid-afternoon. I watch the streamflows and check the temps, so long as it is getting down into the low 60's at night and not over 72 by 2 or 3...I don't worry about it, but I am careful to make sure the fish are properly revived and everyone should always do so in warmer water...but don't avoid it because of some girls in bikinis and a little bit of grass!

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