Monday, July 05, 2010

More Skull Pins

Another day on the lower and thank god for sculpins as the fish seem to have forgotten what a crayfish is. Had another fish today with sculpins in it's mouth and just about everything we got was on an olive sculpin, they were eating a small soft hackle pt pretty well this am while the PMD's were coming off. Pretty good bite again today, the water is warming up and the floating grass is starting to show itself as well. As far as the dead fish go...I think they are dwarf paddlefish...makes as much sense as anybody else's theory. The seagulls are filling up on whatever they are.

The upper was supposedly ok today, the Yellowstone is really close, and the Gallatin is looking really good too. Shop's been busy, bookings are very good this year so all is well for the time being. Shop now is open 7-7 and we have got a lot of stuff in the shop now too. Now if I could only get some lighting balasts fixed, things would be perfect.

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