Friday, September 10, 2010

Friends of the Wind

Not sure where I learned that the wind is my friend, but I have decided to embrace it rather than shun it. The wind brings dust from China, smoke from BC, and rain from everywhere. Plus it really helps me work on toning up my mid-section. I love the wind.

The LM was still dirty today, not sure why but my guess is that it has something to do with Ennis Lake being drawn down, filled back up, or it is turning over, or someone is playing with a big backhoe up at Warm Springs. Vis was a little better today and the bite was much better than yesterday. We did not whack the snot out of them by any means, but still ended up being a respectable day, especially in and around the buckets. Dead drift cray, brown yuk bugs, and worms of course. Got a few on lightning bugs and small baetis crap too.

Also, I was reminded of why studded boats in hard boats isn't such a good idea but chili for lunch on a cooler day is a good idea.

Could use some stable weather for change. Going up to the MO for the day tomorrow to play with weeds and purple lightning bugs, maybe some black fly pupae too.

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