Friday, December 03, 2010


It's that time of year when they say the books go from red to black...yeah right! Whatever it is, this is a good deal that we are running up until Christmas. Buy a Hydros or Helios Rod and get a Battenkill Large Arbor or Mid-Arbor (why would you do that?) for FREE. We've got a great selection of rods in stock this winter, so order one soon to be sure that you have it for Christmas.

Don't know much about the rods? Here's the synopsis for you. Both rod models are essentially the same blanks. Very high modulus graphite which makes them very lightweight and sensitive which makes them easy to cast and powerful. Proprietary technology makes them even lighter than many other graphite rods. The Helios have recoil snake guides and come in a graphite rod tube. The Hydros have standard guides and come with a cordura rod tube. The Helios run around $775 and the Hydros are closer to $495. Give me a call at the shop (877-790-5303) or send an e-mail if you have nay questions or want to take advantage of this great offer. No sales tax or shipping either.

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