Thursday, January 27, 2011

Would've been great to be out on the Madison today, or at least this evening. Beautiful day here in SW Montana. Just the kind that makes you think there were some Midges hatching and probably a few trout eating them too.

Seems like I'm in the shop a lot more than usual this winter - which is probably a good thing. It's always great to talk some fishing with the hearty anglers of winter around here, knowing that the warmth of summer and hoppers will be here before we know it. Unfortunately though, today I got to spend the majority of the day freaking out about our computer crashing every 45 minutes or so. Think we have it narrowed down to an issue with Outlook, but it's always a something.

New website is just about here, probably be up and running next week. The store is almost put back together as well following our dismantling of this and that and moving more slatwall pegs than our walls should be able to hold. It's coming together nicely though as the guys in the shop have been uber-helpful with all of our winter projects.

FYI - the sunset tonight was absolutely amazing.

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