Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Website Is Up

Finally! Our new website is up at ! It's been a long process and still is not all the way complete...but we're getting there! A bunch of new features including a redesign of how we do the fishing reports, a blog (I'll keep doing this one, but we will now be able to bring all of our "blog things" together in one place), and all the usual bells and whistles regarding our guide service and fly shop. It just went live earlier today so there are still a few bugs here and there so be patient if you run into any "dead links" the first few days.

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Sean "Chief" O'Neill said...

Yo, Toby. Greetings from Philly. The new web site is great - very user friendly. Also, welcome to the "40" club & Happy Birthday. God Blees.
(Fr.) Chief