Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Projects - Update

I've only been fishing once this year - so far. That looks to be changing though as I've finally begun to see some progress on the various winter projects around the shop. Hopefully everything will be pretty much wrapped up in the next couple of weeks!

Winter in a fly shop is probably similar to any seasonal business in that it the time of year to try to fix the issues of the previous year and better prepare for the upcoming season. This winter has been especially busy around here as we have completely upgraded our point of sale database. Countless hours of staring into excel files is the best way to describe the journey. Also, we're having the website redesigned - which has turned into a much bigger project than we ever imagined - and will be up live by the end of Feb at the latest (I've been going on for awhile about this now and once it's live you'll understand why it's taken so long!). Guide trip bookings are looking better than we have ever seen, which has resulted in a "massive" restructuring of how we do things "in-house" in terms of reservations and scheduling.  And, there is always the e-commerce site which needs more tinkering than one would ever imagine - but it's a big part of our business so a necessary evil.
I have just finished updating our fly selection online! By finish I basically mean fixing what was already up there. This means taking photos of our flies and replacing all of the old images. So that part is done, now I have to add a zillion new patterns and take pics of the remaining flies. BUT, it is looking much better now so check it out and buy some flies!

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