Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to Permit Fishing

After yesterday - which was an amazing day following a truly crap day - I tried to keep my expectations in line with reality. Woke up around 5, walked out an caught a bone on a clouser cray again, life was good. Fished Permit all day, got some good shots at several fish but no tug.
There has been some large Permit on the flats in fornt of the lodge every afternoon but have not been able to get them to eat. They've been eating though and I generally get 5 ot 6 shots at them so maybe tomorrow.
This has really been a great trip so far, good to hang out with Christine (she's been enjoying some great diving) and stare at water during the day.
I really like the Helios 910 - been fishing it a lot, throwing heavy crabs in the wind and it's perfromed amazingly well. Check one out.

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