Monday, April 25, 2011

Day one T flats

ay one at Turnefee Flats Lodge was a great experience. A steady gale blew from the se all day, but still managed to get some bones and a shabby shot at some permit in the afternoon. The bones are larger than I expected, got a couple yesterday in the 5-albs range.
Main difference from other places I've fished fro bones is the overabundance of turtle grass. This requires a different presentation and stripping of the fly. You really just want to get the fly near the fish and let it set, but stay tight to the fly, giving it a slow short twitch. That was a challenge with the wind as the currents on the surface are always moving the line which also slightly moves the fly inadvertently.
Fishing with a guide named Dubs all week and so far so good. I think the plan is for permit today but we do have some more clouds and the wind.

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