Sunday, April 17, 2011


The weather this past week varied from snowy and cold to a nice day in the 60's to mild and windy. Typical for this time of year and pretty much of all of 2011 to date. Looking forward to summer and the impending runoff.
I'm expecting a lengthier than average runoff given the high snow pack levels still accumulating in the mountains. It's always hard to say as things can change quickly if the weather warms and stays warm for a few weeks. Barring the unusual, however, I'm guessing that May and June will be tough around here on the big mountains. I'll be up on the Missouri during this time as it's less affected by the runoff in terms of water clarity and it fishes just fine during high flows so long as there is a couple feet or so of visibility which there is just about all the time.
I've been moving trips around this week because of the lower Madison's clarity issues and the wind, but going to give it hell today. The forecast is for mild wind and overcast, maybe some rain. The lower is in better shape and the water temps have slowly been on the rise. Water viz yesterday was about 18" on the green side so we'll see what happens. Hopefully it's not too busy out there but I have a feeling that there might be a few other folks with the same idea I have.

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