Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mo Update

Today was a vindication of sorts for the tough day on the stone last Friday. Up here on the Missouri, the fish were eating well all day today and the wind was down as well. Rain and drizzle moved in later morning but never got to be too miserable so we stuck with it as long as we had a good bite going.
The Dearborn came up a bit and the river left was dirty for maybe a 1/2 mile or so but not much of a factor when you take a couple hundred cfs against 8100. Prickly Pear was dirty and high today, but same thing as the Dearborn in that the dirty water isn't much of an issue with so much clean water coming through the dam.
We fished Mtn Palace to Pelican today and nymphed all day with worms and pink flies. There was a blanket hatch of midges, BWO's and a few March Browns as well, but very few consistent risers. They were eating the nymphs well so everyone was happy. Still haven't seen anything huge, got a spawner today that as beat up but went a titch over 20". The average fish so far has been in that 17-18" range with a few dinkers thrown in just to keep it entertaining.
Happy Mother's Day!

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