Saturday, May 07, 2011

shmaddis caddis

Fished in Paradise Valley yesterday with hopes of finding some rising fish - actually any fish would have done just fine. Slow day to say the least. I had good reports from town the day before but Carters was already a circus when we arrived so we opted out of that madness. Conditions were right for a good BWO and March Brown hatch but they didn't show- saw just a few bugs all day. Bizzaro Caddis Hatch world is where I live.

Oh well, had some good chaps with me for the and we tried like hell to get some fish but they were few. We nymphed with everything in the box, even stripped some streamers for abit, but the fish were not eating where we were. Even the odd rise would have been enough for me to try fishing a big parachute or dry.

It should be an honest to God junk show over there this weekend as everyone with a boat or raft or canoe or kayak or pontoon or dingy will most likely head to the river with saucer like eyes and wild expectations of gagging on caddis. May it bring us all an abundance of rising fish and joy once again!

As for me, I'm going back to the MO to fish wire worms - something I know how to do!

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