Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Pappy

The last couple of days here at Kulik have been pretty good. Yesterday was a Char Day with a couple bows mixed in. We were on the lower American and it was borderline ridiculous fishing for most of the day, but for Char. Back to the Morain today and I had a good day but the fishing was far from "off the hook" I laded 8 and the other guys in the group got 2-3 each.

Best part of the day? The guide was busy so my dad and I were in a run with fish eating fry. I got to stand by dad while he worked a fish, which he got and landed. Was a great Father's Dar, miss my kids and look forward to getting home in a couple days.

Hopefully we have some cleanish water and the fish on the Madison are hungry!

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