Friday, July 08, 2011


Woke up this morning after a blissful nights sleep on the floor at Cross Currents in Craig. The AC works better downstairs so there is where I slept. The joys of Ambien...sleep anywhere. Definitely felt more like 40 than 30 this morning. Anyway...the wind was nuclear and straight out of the north or west or south, don't know where but it was bad. So we headed on out the door for parts unknown without my trailer lights plugged in (so now I have to go back to bfe and rewire my trailer).

Now, this is definitely not a secret spot but it was to me and anyone that I know. The river we fished was more like the upper Mataura or spots on the Waikia than anything around here. Not so many fish, not so much big fish, but the river was the same. I kept hoping to see willow grubs and a big head feeding lazily in a backwater.

Every once in awhile I get to have those days that are once in a decade of once in lifetime moments. First time on a new trout water. Cold, clear water and no one for miles around. The fishing...well that's a different story and I really don't know how that was. I know we missed more than we got and left a lot of sexy water unfished. Oh to have one of the MB's today, hopefully it will still be there at the end of the month.

Good new was that the client enjoyed the day and the "thrill" of the unknown as much as I did. Plus I think he was happy to not be sitting a driftboat on a muddy bubble with 50 mph winds at his back all day.

Sometimes it pays to go with your gut and just hit the road. We have so much water here in Montana that an open mind can almost always find a trout or two just so long as you have cold water.

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