Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good times and creepy crawlies

It's great to be back around SW Montana again on the rivers I love the best. The lower Madison has been great the last couple of days and hopefully will hold up for just a little longer until the Yellowstone really gets into shape.
Had a great group of guys out yesterday that were on the annual pilgrimage out west in an attempt to live the "Hangover." Fishing was very good but the guys were hilarious beyond imagination. I think they were drunk from the night before until around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. But, they fished great and caught a bunch of fish. Vacations.
Today was even better than yesterday and the floater crowd was later starting so we hardly saw too much craziness. Yesterday was tan sculpins, today was olive...who knows why but it is what it is.

Anyone know what the hell these bugs are? They were all over the place today. My guess is either baby water skeeters or back swimmers. Pumped some fish yesterday and they had a lot of black fly pupae in them but never noticed these things before.

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