Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Precipice

Well, tomorrow marks the start of what I affectionately call "The Big Push." After my busy May through mid- June, I've been guiding here and there at a comfortable pace. Starting tomorrow, however, it's work work work through Columbus Day. It's good for me, keeps me out of trouble.

I am experiening the joys of Posion Ivy right now. I fell the other day and my wrist was exposed to foliage for about 1/3 of a second. I hate Poison Ivy. People think I'm crazy for wearing waders right now, it's not teh cold that scares me but it's the leaves of 3. I'd wrap myself in a PVC suit and wear my wife's SCUBA crap if I thought it would keep me safe from the itchies. What good does that plant do...seriously? They spray knapweed, why not poison ivy too? It's not that bad this time but it still itches like hell and is all oozy.

Anyway, Salmonflies are out on the upper and I had good reports today from 2 reliable sources that the fish were eating dries really well from Lyon's all the way down to Varney. I'll be up there the day after tomorrow so go find one of those small stream I've been fishing and leave the upper alone. I guess it's pretty clear too.
I'll be heading to the MZ Ranch tomorrow for some sight fishing to ye ol' Brown Trout. Hope they're eating well.
Again, leave the upper alone...there are no fish there...they are all dead. They live other places...go find them...thanks.

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