Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First day on the Yellowstone

Nothing like pulling up to the boat ramp and listening to a bunch of fishing guides bitch about all the fishing guides. Perhaps one of the busiest stretches on the Yellowstone is now Otter to Pelican, it's been busy down there the last 4-5 years. So what? It is what it is and if you use a workaround like getting there before 9 am....it's not an issue. Anyway, fishing guides tend to whine.

So, the Yellowstone has 1-1.5 foot of visibility and is green. Flows may seem high, but they're really at an ideal level for this time of year and fishing stonefly nymphs or streamers on the bank seams.  Used up a bunch of junky stonefly nymphs with rotten rubberlegs today through a wide range of donations to various limbs, sticks, rocks, and the odd fish mouth. 1X is pretty strong tippet. Had a very good bite today just so long as you can get it and keep it on the inside of a seam. Should only get better now and it's pretty good right now.

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