Monday, August 15, 2011

Thinking Thoughts

I've been out of Ambien the last two nights...rough. Got me some more though so everything is rosy, plan on taking one in a bit and crashing out early. Seems like I've been busier than hell since April 15 trying to make enough money to pay my taxes for 2009 by October of 2010. At least I've been having a great time doing it!

Was thinking about things today in between fish on the there was plenty of thinking. I've guided on 13 different rivers/streams so far this year and know that there will be at least 4 more added to that list within the next month. How cool is that? Many guides spend their whole career and certainly years on just one river or stretch of river. It's the diversity of the water, bugs, and fish that keeps it all interesting to me...not to mention the folks. Always the folks that save the day.

Honestly, I'd do it for free if I could AND I was entitled to bitch and moan all I wanted. I'd stick a needle in my eye if I had to look at the same water everyday. I think I'd rather be a mold inspector for the Detroit projects than a fishing guide limited to just the upper Madison. That would suck, the upper madison thing.

Ok now, did a little time on the Jefferson today up from Whitehall. One of my favorite stretches of rivers that I don't know too well. Always seem to do alright to good up there and see a moose or two along the way. That would describe my day today. Started of nymphing and got a little love on some crayfish things and then switched to a small yellow hopper that did the trick for most of the day. Didn't crush them, but had enough going on so that we could have ended up with 20 or so in the boat.

I called a fellow guide, nice guy - Greg Bricker - along the drive for some help with the Jeff as he probably fished it as much as anyone I know. He's always good about giving me a heads up and whats up in a 35 second phone call and it is appreciated. Many guides lie and bullshit all the time - I am 70/30 - and it's always good to have  a few really good guide contacts to get the straight poop from when in a pinch. Greg is a boy supermodel for SIMMS and went out on his own this year as a fishing outfitter. I am mentioning him today because it ended up being he and I as the only 2 boats on the river today and I felt kind of bad as I called him on m y way over there to try to figure out the where, what , and when of how to catch some fish over there today. Anyway, he hooked me up and did it with a smile so I thought I'd shoot him a plug as a good guy and guide because he is both of those things!

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