Thursday, August 04, 2011

Yellowstone in Town Today

Same old shit, different day. Yeah, whatever man. It's all good.
Hit the Yellowstone through town today and found a few fish fish along our way. There were lots of Spruce Moths out and about this morning and I saw some fish coming up, would have tried dries but the nymphing was going alright, so we stuck with it. Bow river buggers and lightning bugs, but mostly on the buggers. Clarity is maybe 2 feet now, green, and there is enough water running over the shallow flats to hold fish. Rick and I were the only boats in there (masses are down by Big Timber and Emigrant)
Now, if I were fishing in the next week here is what I would do. I would grab some hoppers and get on the water very early between Big Timber and Columbus. I'd probably hardly fish from the boat. I'd get out on every big long skinny flat and run that I can find and run a Henry's Fork Hopper over it all. I think I'd find a few big fish and get them to come up... but that's just what I'd do. We should have pretty solid dry fly fishing in a few days now on the Yellowstone. It's not as high as everyone seems to think.

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missouri tom said...

nice blog. i love the line 'not as high as everyone seems to think'. running gag in our house. how do you know how high i think it is? people us the lines "more than you think", "bigger than you think", etc. all the time. they have no idea what i the blog. no love up by scott's last night? i may have burned them up.