Friday, September 09, 2011

And on and on

On the downhill side of things now with about 20 days or so left for the year and pretty much all with regulars so things are looking rosy from here on out. One more day here and then head up to Missoula for the next 8 days of working and exploring over there with a couple of great groups

Hopefully the bite will improve here soon as things have been tougher this past week. By tougher I mean not necessarily easy, even for a good angler. Sometimes the bite just slows down, doesn't mean stops, just isn't what it was. I always find that transition times of year can make for more variability day to day and even during a day in terms of fish feeding behavior. Just because they were eating hoppers with reckless abandon two days ago doesn't mean that's the thing for today. I find that you need to think outside the box (worms) a bit this time of year...I just haven't figured out how far to date.

Was on the lower today with a good guy that possessed average skills and he was tickled with the day. I thought it should have been better, but then I stop and realize that he landed about 10, lost that many (a couple of good fish), and missed a few too. I don't know what's wrong with that day, just thought it should have been better. But hey, got some fish, didn't see anyone else, and had a stunner of a day...

Also, saw 3 otters just up from the spot they parked Red October. I've never seen otters in that part of the river. Otters are amazing animals in that they always seem to be right at home whenever you see them, but you hardly ever see them.

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Anonymous said...

Like what you said about transition time. Yes, this is a great time to be out here but guides have to often times put on their creative hat to catch fish. Are they looking up or down for their food these days?