Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting Caught Up...kinda

Been over in Missoula the last 4 days guiding around here. I've had little Internet access, thus my delays in keeping updates.. Anyway, I'm here and that's that. Fished the Blackfoot and Clark Fork with a couple of great ladies. Fishing was ok a couple of days and crap a couple of others. Like the CF a lot through. Lots of bugs right now.
Adding value to this experience... Missoula is a big city. There are fires over here and the air is smoky. There are too many people riding bikes here. The police are mean here. Hellgate Conoco is the best gas station around. Ambien comes in different shapes here. Volcano Tacos taste the same. Fishing guide s here wear Chaco's and have beards. Magnetic trailer lights work. You can never have enough duct tape. Hecuba is not a country in central America. Pink worms work better than anything else. Mayflies are purple here.
Anyway, I've got a few more days over here and then head home. 


Anonymous said...

Nice to read about your exploits in Missoula...glad to know Hecuba is not in Latin AMERICA...did you know purple haze is more than just a jimmy heendrix acid rock tune of the 1960's?
doc hart

Toby Swank said...

Good times were had by all doc! I think the purple haze certainly has its roots in hendrix.