Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 3 BC

Day 3 in BC was everything that the promise of western steelhead brings. Good water and some nice fish. We ended up in someplace a long way away from where we are staying, alone on a beautiful river. Strainer got 5 and I ended up with 2 to hand. Curt landed 2 the day before and I had 1 that day. Books have been written about the mental games that you play when swinging flies for steelhead. Cast after cast of nothingness and the shear joy that comes along with the tug when it happens.

So, mission accomplished for me. No license today, just the camera and hanging out on the river with friends. Heading home on Monday.


rimcMT said...

Wow !
That is a nice fish.

A new item for my bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Livin the dream