Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Made it home around 5:30 this afternoon. Herman Cain is kind of screwed. Newt maybe making a late run. Perry is a bit of a ham. Some plane landed in Poland with no landing gear. The Hendricks motorsports guys plan crash landed in FL with no injuries. Michael Jackson's doc likes strippers. Pretty much listened to  these stories being played over and over again all day.

Feels more like winter around here. Think I need to get out and do some fishing at some point this week. I've had some unique angling opportunities this year and still find there's no place like home. 2011 is the year in which I landed my first truly wild steelhead and permit, both of which are memories that I'll hold tight for the rest of my life. At the end of all my trips this year though, I've looked forward to coming home more than the desire to stay away. There is still so much water here that I'm yet to fish and it's hard to beat that feeling that comes along with trout fishing in SW MT.

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