Thursday, January 19, 2012

To new gear

I recently got a new pair of boots to try out for Orvis on my upcoming trip to NZ. They've been sending me stuff the last few years to demo while in the early stages of development as I seem to be able to destroy anything, which my dad can attest to! Nz is a great place to test boots out as I walk a lot of miles while there and put the boots through he'll. Over the years, I've destroyed 2 pairs of pataguchi and an Orvis pair or two as well, each on a single trip! I had an early version of vibram soles the last trip and one of the soles actually fell off my boot about a half mile from the truck at the end of the last day.

I am checking out this new sole that they're thinking is far superior to vibram so we'll see. I actually have come to like the rubber soles over the last couple of years. They're not as durable as the world would like and they don't offer the traction of felt, but they work well as happy medium and I like them in the boat better than felt. So, here's to innovation and a better world for the fly fisher...I just hope they don't fall apart!

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Satoshi Yamamoto said...

I have never tried Vibram boots so far. My understanding is that NZ banned felt sole boots for good. But then again Simms will re-launch felt sole editions for the market needs (as most of Montanta guides complaining about rubber), and I'm waiting for it....Felt would probably the best for gripping, but the bottomline is, I guess, that we don't want to fall in and we all hope pairs would last long for the money worth. Would like to see your NZ reports soon!!