Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another River, another day

Day one of the actual fishing part of the program went off without a hitch. Everyone got fish and had a great time despite the clouds and intermittent rain showers. In addition to seeing and catching some fish, we were able to verify a high population density of rabbits in the area. We paid homage to the canal trout that live off salmon food and get big as hell.

I had an interesting time at the end of the day that involved dealing with an absolute fiber of a trout rig for about 15 minutes before I got the chance to throw my junk to some fish feeding greedily away. He rejected my junk. I managed to hang up and lose my rig 3-4 times before I even cast to the fish. It was a mess.

On the esoteric side, it\'s beautiful here and the landscape in itself makes me gawk all day long. Throw in some clear water and good size fish eating big dry flies and thing just make a little more sense at the end of the day than they did in the beginning.

We re around Twizel tomorrow and hit Wanaka tomorrow night. Backcountry thurs and friday.

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