Saturday, March 10, 2012


Made it to Big D yesterday and we're all getting ready fot the spring break trip to Mexico. Apparently, the state department is advising against traveling to 14 Mexican states now...good news is that I have no idea if where we are going happens to be one of those 14 states!
Am hoping to fish a couple days this trip out of Zhituaneaou near Ixtapa. Tried it last year with an ex-pat living there for Jacks but they were'nt on the feed. Apparently he got into a bunch of Roosterfish a couple of days agoa which is unusual for this time of year im the year. So, knowing my luck as of late....I have very low expectations. Also going to take my 13 year old out for a pukefest trolling adventure for whatever happens to want to eat our junk one day.
This trip is more about family time, so my plans have to be made in backrooms when it comes to talking fishing. I've learned to pick my battles at this stage even though for me to fish is to wife sometimes thinks that I fish more than I work.

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