Thursday, March 22, 2012


The shop should be done tomorrow afternoon and not without a little adventure. We're getting more cork in place of carpet as there was a mix up with the amount of carpet on the roll at the store. Getting excited to get  this part of the project done.

Meanwhile...thoughts of fish in hand are getting to me. Crazy nice weather, except for the wind, is giving everyone a little cabin fever around here. We received our first phone inquiry into where the Salmonflies are at on the Madison. Still a few months away, but that phone call is kind of a right of passage into spring for us at the shop, lets us know that the occasional angler is getting interested. When we get that guy asking about Walleye in the Gallatin...we'll know things are about to get serious! That's the same guy that saw Antelope on the road to Big Sky and wonders where we put all the snow in the summertime and thinks it's pretty cool that all the rivers go around in circles...makes it much easier for us to get out rigs at the end of the day.

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