Monday, March 26, 2012


 Up early this morning to tackle the day by putting the shop back together...exciting stuff. The shop has been so ghetto for so long now that it's hard to believe that it's actually not so ghetto now! We've had a tile shop, hot tub place, realtor, aquarium mfr, drug dealers, and tattoo artist all as neighbors at one point or another. So, it really does feel good to be able to make things look more like a fly shop than just a fly shop in a little junk strip mall with gangster neighbors.

I've been mulling my way through NZ photos and have to say it was disappointing from a commercial appeal photographically. Maybe got a couple that someone might want, but overall it was just as tough photographically speaking as it was fishing-wise. Bad light makes for tough spotting of fish and crappy photos! Chopper fishing could become very addictive for the non-budget minded angler in NZ!

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