Saturday, March 03, 2012

eating naan with big momma

Everyone headed home today and I have to say that it\'s a little quiet around the top 10 holiday park here in hammer springs. I went back to the indian restaurant we ate at the other night and they made me get takeout so I wouldn\'t take up one of their tables by,half....maybe they caught on to the unauthorized wine corkage by the guys the other night. So I sat in the shared kitchen facility at the campground eating my naan and stuff while watching Big Momma with a German couple that seemed to be in the middle of some sort of marital strife.
It rained all night last night and most of today which has made the rivers turn back from clear to poopie brown. I think I\'ll check the flows in the morning and see what the day brings. Hopefully I can still get a day or two of fishing in on my own, but if not...think I\'ll be alright and go for a walk in the woods with the camera. The rivers do drop And clean remarkably fast here so I could be alright for some fishing even tomorrow, but today they looked ruined for awhile!

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Anonymous said...

i highly recommend the walk in the woods....i told scott not to open that wine....did you hang with merrill all day?