Thursday, March 01, 2012

some updates

Nearing the end of trip now and wishing it would keep going. The fishing has been tough, but everyone has had some good days to go along with the rough ones...sounds like fishing in general to me.
Yesterday or two days ago now was brutal as we did a chopper trip into some amazing water but found very few fish and the ones we did find were as spooky as all the rest.
The theories we come up with as anglers are ridiculous at time. The pressure is dropping, they saw the leader, too many other anglers and blah blah. Truth is that we\'ll never know and the fish don\'t care anyway. Fish do fish things cuz they\'re fish. Although I sometimes think they can be logical or even rational, they are just a stupid cold blooded animal way down the evolutionary ladder. Why then do they so often when the battle here in NZ? Bugger them all, I\'m throwing worms at them tomorrow.

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